Live each day by design, with passion and purpose

Hey There! I’m Christine Stallard

Lost your sense of purpose?

Know there must be more to life than the activities that now pack your work days?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there; and I know many others that have been there too. My passion is to help women just like you unlock their potential and gain confidence and clarity to live life by design, with passion and purpose, in any chapter.

I found that the journey really begins with mindset. To help you start your journey, I’d like to share my free template that reveals the #1 secret to living each day by design without feeling overwhelmed. Make this your first step.

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About Me

About Me

Hey there. I’m Christine Stallard and I help women gain clarity and confidence to live life by design, with passion and purpose, in any chapter of life.

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Let’s Talk Stress

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What do you do?

What do you do?

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Let’s Get Started

It all starts with mindset.

I love helping professional women in any chapter of life, design a next chapter so they can live a life of passion and purpose by design, not default.

You see friend, I lived in my professional life way beyond its expiration date. I was fed up with the corporate world and the politics that came with my position. I was living my professional life by default because that’s the way I thought it was supposed to be. You know, you went to school, got a job and retired 40 years later. That was the Baby Boomer way.

Then a life transition which included leaving my corporate world, came at me hard. I wasn’t prepared and let me just say that it wasn’t my best “chapter.” I looked for the messages in the mess and found some gems. Now, I am passionate about helping other professional women plan for and manage a life transition some call retirement. In reality, retirement is a transition, not a destination. And, that transition in many cases doesn’t eliminate the desire to contribute, it simply reorients a person’s skills and knowledge. I’ve found that it’s common to work with a financial advisor, but we often neglect the emotional and social aspects of a transition.

Women in transition need a community and the ability to stay connected. They desire to replace their work identity with something equally fulfilling, to establish a healthy, active lifestyle, and to find new meaning and purpose.

You have the ability to be ready to reinvent yourself in any moment. It is this ability that is the greatest gift and greatest asset that you have.

I’m so glad you’re here. It tells me that you’re looking for more and that you believe you were meant for more. I’m here to help you on your journey to a life by design. Let’s start by finding Your Zone of Genius!

What’s Your Zone of Genius?

Work gives meaning to our lives.

You have the power to mold your life around your work or find work that supports a lifestyle you’ve created.

Find the unique ways your core beliefs and interests intersect then design a career path that supports your lifestyle.

Work With Me

You’re not only looking for more, but you know you are meant for more. I love that about you and I don’t think you wound up here by chance!

You’re intrigued with living life by design in any chapter. You’ve grabbed my free template. Now you’re serious about designing your next chapter so you can start living by design instead of by default.

Perfect! Let’s get started!