About Me

Hello! I’m Christine


I’m so glad you’re here! It’s such a pleasure to meet you! Since you clicked on the About Me button, I’m assuming you want to know a little bit about who I am and what makes me “tick.”


Let me start with the short version of my personal life story. I grew up in Pennsylvania but I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 40 years (can’t believe it has been that long). I love the majestic beauty of the Northwest; from the rolling hills of the Palouse to the spectacular beaches of southern Oregon and most every place in between. My husband and I have backpacked, hiked and biked in and explored some of what I consider the most beautiful places in our country. These days, we are more content to take long walks with our Bouvier des Flandres family member (our fourth one) that makes us smile every day. And, sooner or later you’ll figure out I’m an avid college football fan. I may have lived most of my life in the Northwest, but my football heart is with Penn State where “We Are!”

On a professional level, I spent 30 years doing public/government affairs work for the electric utility/hydropower industry. While it doesn’t sound very sexy or exciting to most people, I was passionate about my career and I loved the work I was doing. That is until a few years ago when the politics and negativity just began to wear me down. I was still passionate about the industry, its issues and challenges, but I just wasn’t enjoying the work week any more. Worse, my unhappiness was spilling over to my personal life.

I was at a pivotal moment, but instead of thoughtfully designing my next chapter, I made some decisions that nearly caused me to jump off a cliff (figuratively speaking of course, thank goodness). I left corporate America. I had just finished my undergraduate degree through Penn State (you’re never too old). We sold my dream home and lived out of boxes for 10 months. Even though we were living with family, it was still very unsettling, and even a bit (well, really more than a bit) traumatic for me. During that time, we also lost both our Bouvier des Flandres family members; one to cancer at the young age of seven and the other at the age of 13. I felt lost, without a purpose in my personal or professional life. I had lost the confident, passionate and fun-loving woman I had always been.

Then, I was introduced to the world of network marketing and I discovered that I could surround myself with positive, energetic, smart, business-savvy women who had my back. I was finally part of a fun community, a tribe. This community along with a lot of personal development from books and music and my spiritual belief led me back to the confident, passionate and fun-loving person living with purpose.

And, that’s why I’m here. Because I know I’m not the only woman who wants more. The only woman who is feeling lost. The only woman who longs to leave a profession, career or job that is no longer serving them; no longer making them jump out of bed in the morning. The only woman who wants to live life by design, not default.

Mel Robbins says to look for the message in the mess; because there’s always one there. My message was that if I had purposefully designed my next chapter I could have saved myself a lot of heartache. And, girl, if you’re ready, I want to be your guide in doing that for you — designing your next chapter without all the heartache. Because I believe not only can you do it, you deserve it.

You can design your next chapter one page at a time. Girl, if you’re ready, be sure to grab my free First Page template that reveals the #1 secret to living each day by design without feeling overwhelmed and let’s get started. You’re one decision away from living life with passion and purpose — by your design.