“Is that Stevie Ray Vaughan,” she asked?

I thought she was referring to the music that was playing, and I knew it most definitely was not. I almost let my mind go to that place…you know…where you make an assumption.

How often does that turn out well?

If I had let my mind go, I would have thought perhaps she had no clue about music. Who would think that what was playing was anyway close to the music that Vaughan created.

Thankfully, I reeled my mind back in.

Turns out, she was looking at the picture on my office wall of the late, great musician Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s a picture of Vaughan from behind, with his guitar slung over his shoulder. But, if you know him, he’s easy to recognize because of his size, the size of his hands, the guitar, boots, and hat.

It’s a picture I’ve had in my office (corporate and home) for decades. I admired his music, and saw him live several times. The picture speaks to me on so many levels.

It also spoke to her.

“I used to model with his girlfriend,” she said. Get outta here!

She went on to say what a delightful person his girlfriend (at the time of his death) is and how she “almost” got to meet Vaughan a couple of times. The almost was because Vaughan was on the road during the times she happened to be in town.

But, she always hoped the next time she and her friend were modeling together, Vaughan would be in town. He had promised to teach them both how to play the guitar.

Tragically, his life ended before she had the opportunity to meet him or have the opportunity to pick up a guitar and learn from him.

After she left that day, I started looking—again—into the life of Stevie Ray Vaughan. I learned Vaughan used to often write down passages that were meaningful to him on hotel notepads. This one, courtesy of Janna Lapidus LeBlanc really speaks to me.

“We have a choice. How we view time. Look at it as a gift. Enjoy the transitions and cycles of life. Learn to live in the present, one day at a time. Let go of the past. Trust in our higher power. Time flows. This day need not be painless or close to paradise for us to live in the present moment.”

These words would have made great lyrics. But, more than that, they are great words to live by.

Once again, Vaughan speaks to me.

I’ll admit. I could have handled my last life transition with way more grace and confidence than I did. I could have looked at it as a gift, something to enjoy. I could have lived more in the present, one day at a time.

I could have brought all the memories and lessons of the past into the present, but at the same time stop clinging to the past so I could look forward to, design, and embrace the future.

I could have had more trust in what was coming my way. Because, after all the anxiety and worry dust settled, I’ve come to realize that this season of my life is absolutely amazing.

So, let me ask you. Are you looking at time as a gift? Are you enjoying your cycles, your seasons, or transitions of life? Are you truly living in and enjoying the present—every day?

If you’re not, (or not as much as you’d like to), don’t assume you have to stay there. As I’ve already said, when we make assumptions, it often doesn’t go well. So, let’s not make assumptions.

The choice to navigate transitions and cycles and enjoy life’s journey is yours.

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