Every so often I come across “The 2% Mindset” graphic. It is a theory that implies only 2% of us are pursuing our dreams and living life without limits. The other 98% are stuck inside their comfort zone. That makes me a bit sad.

You see, to join the ranks of the 2% mindset, you must learn to live outside of your comfort zone. I know that stepping outside your comfort zone is easier said than done, and the fear of doing that is probably one of the top reasons 98% of the population stays right where they are. In fact, it may be the top reason.

Moving into the 2% mindset means being uncomfortable. In some cases, really uncomfortable. And, as human beings we are hardwired for the exact opposite. Our unconscious mind does everything possible to keep us safe, keep us in that comfort zone to protect us. It’s often based on past experiences that have been unpleasant. Unfortunately, that keeps us right where we are, holds us back from pursuing dreams and opportunities and definitely gets in the way of allowing us to see and live in our full potential. Even worse, it keeps us living in the past instead of using those past experiences to design our future. 

We play it safe. We’re a bit insecure. We’re settling for less and starting to have regrets. We think the window of opportunity for pursuing our dreams is closing or has closed.

I’ve been there. Firmly planted in my comfort zone and hanging on to the past, yet longing to pursue my dreams which, of course, were outside that zone. So, I started asking myself this question (you might try it too). Do you really want to go through life by default, just going through the motions, existing or surviving one day to the next? And, my answer was always no because that seemed pretty boring and uninspiring to me.

Did that answer always push me outside the zone? I wish I could say it always did, but my unconscious mind likes to keep me safe too! And, it was doing a really good job. You see, right outside your comfort zone is fear. Fear of what others might think, fear of the unknown and fear that you’re not worth it or can’t do it. Recognize that those thoughts are just your ole ego filling you full of self-doubt and your unconscious mind trying to protect you.  Author Reggie Flowers describes fear as just “False Evidence that Appears Real.” But, the opposite of fear is faith and that’s what you want to focus on. Faith that you can live the life of your dreams. A belief that you are worth it (because you are) and faith you can do it (because you can).

Once I started to push through that fear, I discovered the magic that can happen when you step out of your comfort zone, embrace that 2% mindset and start living life by design. So trust me on this. If you decide to pursue your dreams, to find that magic, you will have to push yourself outside your zone to make it happen.

Once you push through the fear zone, you’ll find yourself in an exciting new learning zone. That’s where you acquire the skills and gain the knowledge to pursue and live your dreams — your life by design. These new skills and knowledge, coupled with what you already know and the life experiences you’ve already had will help you face your challenges head on. You’ll begin to see and be able to evaluate options. You’ll gain the clarity you need to make informed decisions for moving forward with your vision. Consider this learning zone an investment in your future. 

Now, you’re equipped to design a life you want to live. You have your vision — your dream — to guide you in making goals and objectives and in crafting specific actions to help you achieve those goals. You’ve gained confidence and you have a better understanding of what inspires you. You are fulfilled and getting the most out of life. You’re in the 2% mindset where the magic of abundance and living without limits occurs.

You’ll learn the importance of embracing change and not fearing the unknown. This is important because to create the life of your dreams, your desire for change has to become greater than your fear of the unknown. I still have to work on embracing change; but I’m getting better at it. I can tell you from experience though, that pushing myself out of my comfort zone has strengthened me as a person and has allowed me to live life more by design than by default. I’ve actually expanded my comfort zone, and that’s a good place to be. 

“Success occurs when your dreams get bigger than your excuses.” — Anonymous What are you doing to push yourself outside your comfort zone, live life by design and find the magic?