Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you said, “Yes” to that thing you now wish you had screamed no to as you ran away as fast as you could? I just turned the page on that chapter of my book.

Everyone told me to quit—months ago.

I couldn’t because of the stories I was telling myself.

First, I would let people down. Not the ones that are pitching fits like a bunch of two-year-olds throwing temper tantrums. Watching adults act that way is really quite comical when you think about it. No, I’m talking about the people I’ve worked alongside with for over a year and come to know, like, and respect. They are the ones I didn’t want to let down.

Then, there’s the unfinished business.

And finally, there’s the feeling that if I quit, I’ve lost the battle to the two-year-olds who are running through the house screaming like Macaulay Culkin’s character Kevin in Home Alone. The competitive side of me definitely didn’t want that.

In reality, those stories didn’t serve me…at all. They just led to negative thoughts that led to emotions like anger, fear, and hurt. And, when I’m in a perpetual state of negativity, my ability to think strategically, make decisions based on logic and not emotion, and be deliberate and intentional in my actions suffers. I can easily feel—and get—derailed.

It’s a mental and emotional drain that leaves me with little energy to do anything else.

So, after enduring verbal attacks and bullying during a very hostile meeting, I filed a report with the local police department, ditched those stories and put the wheels in motion to leave the toxic environment immediately.

I reclaimed myself, my mental space, and my freedom. That ultimately makes me the winner.

There are lessons to be found in situations like this.

It’s an opportunity to think and act according to your core beliefs, the values that are your personal code of conduct in your personal and professional life. An opportunity to act in ways that keep you in a positive vibrational state.

When you know what these are and can act from your core beliefs—and I do—life decisions and navigating life’s challenges become much easier.

Staying true to your values will help you through difficult times or even a full-blown crisis. When the shit hits the fan, staying true to your core beliefs will keep you focused rather than headed for despair. When they are clear, they act as a guide and a steadying hand, keeping you on track.

So, I chose to act in a way that served my highest good and would put (and keep) me in a positive mindset. I chose to act with integrity, which is very important to me. Integrity means different things to different people, but my definition is to “always do the right thing.” I did the right thing.

I also chose to balance and ground myself in my truth. That means reminding myself of who I am to the core, stepping into my confidence and knowing I’ll be fine no matter what happens.

How do I ground myself? First, I pause, get still and practice deep breathing exercises. I Inhale positive vibes and exhale everything I want to let go of. All the worry, fear, and negative juju.

I take a walk or stroll through the yard and take in the flowers in bloom and bamboo swaying in the breeze. (Right now, that includes all the rhododendrons in full color.)

I make a decision and set the wheels in motion to keep me focused on what I want to attract in my life.

Finally, I reach for my special blend of essential oils that includes Wild Orange, Copaiba, Lavender and Neroli. This definitely keeps me grounded, calm, confident and at peace as I navigate through challenging times.

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