The book ended with this.

“No matter the size of the organization, no matter the industry, no matter the product or the service, if we all take some responsibility to start with WHY and inspire others to do the same, then, together, we can change the world. And, that’s pretty inspiring. If this book inspired you, please pass it on to someone you want to inspire.”

I’m passing it on.

This blog post will read more like a book report than a blog, but I felt compelled to share Start With Why by Simon Sinek because it was truly inspiring. While on the surface it would appear he is referring to organizations, his point is (and, I agree) that it’s the people in the organizations that truly make a difference.

And, let me take it a step further. It’s not just people in organizations. It’s you. And me. We all have the ability to change the world through the work we do as part of an organization or the work we do for ourselves. But only if we understand the reason why.

I left my corporate life a couple of years ago for a number of reasons, but the main one was I had become disillusioned with why I was doing what I was doing. Without going into all the details, let me just say that I still believed in why the organization was doing what it was doing. It was the special interests, greed, political posturing, polarization and increasing intolerance and disrespect for each other that was the tipping point.

Passion comes from feeling you are part of something you believe in; something bigger than yourself. I had lost my passion.

Now, as an entrepreneur, I’ve had the opportunity to dig deep into my core beliefs and values to find my own why. And, it is very similar to Sinek’s and the examples of leaders and companies that have operated out of a deep commitment to their why he uses in his book. Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., USAF Captain Lori Robinson and Sir Richard Branson. And, companies like Apple, Inc.

They inspire.

These leaders have a deep commitment to their why and they recruit people that “fit” with and believe in their why to figure out how to create the culture, build trust and turn the why into not just a reality, but in some cases, a movement.

They inspire people to do the things that inspire them, so that, together they can change the world.

I have my own list of people that have, and continue to, inspire me. I’ve added Simon Sinek to that list. If you’ve read the book (or plan to read it), I’d love to hear your thoughts on the concept of starting with why.

And, if like me a few years ago, you feel stuck in a career or job where you’re just out of alignment with the organization’s why, let me know that too. I may be able to help.