Everyone needs a reminder now and then to find the hum of your truth. My most recent one was just a few days ago.

I’m preparing for a photo shoot to update my brand photos that I have on my website (and other places). It’s only a month away, so of course all five women getting updated photos that day are thinking one thing.

I need to cut the carbs and lose a few pounds.

If you’ve never had that thought go through your mind when you’re preparing for some major event, including being in front of the camera lens, no need to read on.

But if you’re a bit like me, I have some words of wisdom that were given to me. Words I’d like to pass along to you.

This isn’t your normal “head shot” photo shoot. Yes, we’ll have those, but we’ll also have photos and videos of us being on a podcast and being interviewed. (I’ll let you know when the podcast episode is scheduled so you can check it out.)

And, the person organizing everything is very thorough. We’ll have professionals there to do hair and makeup. We have calls with a stylist and the photographer scheduled. We are to start thinking about what we’ll wear. (And, as the organizer put in the document, “You won’t be taking a carry-on only for this one girls.” I don’t even own a suitcase bigger than a carry-on, but that’s a story for later.)

So, you can probably just visualize all five of us with eyes wide open…just like deer caught in the headlights. We were all on the verge of freaking out.

But then, we got the Pre-Workshop Guidebook and right towards the beginning were the words of wisdom I want to share with you. “This is going to be an amazing experience, and I don’t want anyone feeling stressed out or overwhelmed by it. I’m going to be here to help you every step of the way. Also…know that you are beautiful right now. Just as you are. You will change lives with your brilliance no matter what the scale says.”

And, there it was.

As I read those words, I realized that once again I had fallen into the comparison trap. I was listening to my inner critic (my ego) tell me that I should just use old photos because I was so much older now and had all these wrinkles, gray hair, and yes a few more pounds than I had when I was 20 or 30 years younger.

I read those words again and shoved my inner critic aside. Yes, I have wrinkles but they are evidence I laughed often and I’m old enough to have wisdom and experience. Yes, I have gray hair but actually, I kind of like it. And, yes I have a few more pounds on this body than I had decades ago, but I’m healthy and extremely grateful for that. (Plus, I’m married to an awesome chef, so there’s that.)

Now here’s what I have for you. When you find yourself falling into the trap of listening to (and worse, believing) what others say about you or you’re comparing yourself to others or to the person your ego says you should be, you are masking your own truth. You’re not being authentically and unapologetically you. And, that’s a down right shame.

You see, I believe each one of you is unique and you have brilliant, unique gifts to offer the world, whether it’s on a personal level, business level, or both.

I encourage you to unplug from the voices of others (including your inner critic). Find the hum of your own truth. Know that you are beautiful right now. Just as you are. You are so much more than the wrinkles on your face, your hair color, and the number on the scale.

So, remember to share that beautiful, authentic soul with others.

Because you know what? The world needs you. That’s the truth.

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