As promised, here’s a bonus installment on getting in the right mindset to attract what you want in life.

Now, what happens if you’re doing all this, but what you’ve asked the universe for hasn’t happened yet? Or, it’s not happening according to your timing?

Be okay with that.

Because the other part of this equation is that with the right mindset and the right action, everything will happen in Divine timing. And, if you aren’t getting exactly what you asked for and what you’ve taken action on, it could mean that something even better is coming your way.

It could also mean that if something you want is slow coming to you, it might be because you are spending more time focused on its absence than you are about its presence. It means your thoughts are coming from a lack mentality rather than an abundance mentality. We’ve been conditioned our entire lives to think we’re lacking something or that we’re going to run out of something. And, the media (including social media) is quite helpful in that department.

The recent run on toilet paper and hand sanitizer is a perfect example of lack mentality. It breeds fear and uncertainty.

Need I say more?

I know it’s hard sometimes to think about better circumstances if you don’t know where you’ll get the money to pay your rent let alone start that business you’ve always wanted to start. That’s your reality and I get it. But, you have to turn that around. Otherwise, that lack mentality will bring you down mentally, emotionally and vibrationally which can sometimes cause anxiety, panic, overwhelm and a feeling of helplessness and being out of control.

When you’re in this state, you’re not able to think properly. You’re not able to explore options and find a solution to what you’re worrying about.

So, think solutions that become your reality. I mean, really. Why worry about something that may or may not happen? That’s a total waste of your time. Instead, come from a place of abundance and gratitude. Stay positive. Raise your frequency.

Remember, you are attracting everything into your life based on your thoughts. And, you’re taking action as well. There is no coincidence. As Albert Einstein once said, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

Think about that for a minute. Then, go get what you want in life. You deserve it.