What’s your energy vibration?

It’s human nature to believe mostly in the things we can see, feel, taste, hear, or touch and to doubt everything else. But our nonphysical being—our inner self or mind—houses things we cannot see yet still believe in. Universal laws that create balance and harmony in nature are also at play in our lives. Even though we can’t see them, if we can tap into and believe in them, we can use them to create our best life.

Just a few years ago, I would have said these laws were woo-woo and perhaps even voodoo. I would have said the same thing about the Ouija board and calculus. Oh, and maybe some of the Stephen King movies like It and Christine. No, maybe they were more like nightmares. Now that I think about it, calculus was voodoo and a nightmare all rolled into one. Just sayin’.

But, back to energy vibration.

The Law of Vibration refers to energy and states that anything that exists in our Universe, whether seen or unseen, consists of pure energy or light that resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency.

If you took physics or chemistry, you undoubtedly learned that energy is the capacity for doing work. It can be neither created nor destroyed, but only changed from one form to another.

Think about fire, for example: a chemical reaction that combines the molecules in wood with oxygen from the air to create water and carbon dioxide. The molecules aren’t destroyed, they just change. And as they vibrate and transform, they release energy in the form of heat and light.

So, everything in the Universe moves and vibrates at some speed. That energy, in you and in everything around you, is moving all the time. Each matter, thought, and feeling has its own vibrational frequency. And that means the words we say to ourselves, thoughts and feelings we choose to have, and actions we take as a result also have their own particular rates of vibration.

So if we’re simply extensions of source energy, we somehow must attract that energy, right? Yep, we do—in our thoughts. 

You see, everything starts with a thought. That thought creates a belief, and that belief has emotion or feelings attached. Emotion is our inner GPS system, and our thoughts are attracting from a source through energetic vibrations.

Source energy vibrates at a high frequency. Positive thoughts and emotions have a higher frequency than negative thoughts and emotions. So if you’re stuck in a place you don’t want to be, you might consider your part in that. Perhaps your thoughts and emotions are negative ones that you have chosen over the higher, positive vibrations your source is trying to send your way.

When I was living out of boxes, my thoughts and emotions were definitely low frequency. I felt lost, clinging to a past life. I robbed myself of the excitement of searching for a new home and designing that space—something I had thoroughly enjoyed before. My source was sending positive vibrations, reassurances that everything would be all good soon, but I deflected them like Luke Skywalker with a lightsaber and blast shield. My life turned out to be better than expected. The months I spent worrying about it were a waste of time and energy.

Instead of drowning out my enthusiasm, what if I had expected the Universe and my source to support my dream to have a home as nice or better than the one I had just sold? One that was in the perfect community with people just waiting to become friends and neighbors? One that was nice enough, but was just waiting for that special someone to make it perfect? 

Because that’s what happened. But if I had opened my mind to the possibilities early on, I would have been able to deflect worry, doubt, and fear, raise my frequency, and embrace excitement and the journey.

If you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you’ll open your mind up to more desirable options and a perfect solution. You’ll be raising your frequency…up there with awesomeness.

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