Let’s Work Together!

Work with me…

I am honored and delighted to see you in this section of my website. It tells me some things about you. You’re curious and thoughtful in exploring options in life. You’re open to trying new things (you maybe even like the challenge and excitement when starting something new). You’re not only looking for, but you know you are meant for more. I love that about you and I don’t think you wound up here by chance! So, while these are some of the qualities I look for when I’m thinking about working with someone, I also like a person who:


has a strong desire to build a great life


has a great work ethic and positive attitude


has a vision and clear goals


values consistency


has leadership qualities but also loves to learn new things


is coachable

If this is you, check out my coaching services below. I have a couple of ways we might be able to work together.

Help me get Clarity

1:1 Coaching

The best advice I can give you is based on my own experience in designing my next chapter. I read a lot of books and did a lot of soul searching but it took a lot of time. While I thought I was making progress, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted — until I locked arms with a coach. 

It truly makes all the difference in the world in getting results fast. 

Lucky for you, I offer a coaching package that includes 3 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions where I’ll guide you through the process I used to design my next chapter and where you’ll get the clarity you need to design yours. 

It’s your way to get where you want to go — faster and with greater focus. I look forward to helping you get there. The 3 one hour call coaching package is just $397!

Not sure if you’re ready for 1:1 coaching?

Schedule a 15 minute conversation where I can learn a little more about you and I can answer your questions. Call it a discovery call.

Did I mention that it’s free? Yep. It is. Just for you.